Theater Students Perform During the Master Class with Mark Schneider

Students in #NSLCTHTR expressed themselves and their different characters through a master class offered by Director Mark Schneider. Check out more photos from […]

Students Visit Madison Square Garden

Business Students Learn about Different Aspects of Finance

This morning, students in #NSLCBUSI heard about finance from Professor Raymar in the Gabelli School of Business on Fordham’s campus. Want to see […]

Students Learn About Their Personal Leadership Styles

On Friday, students heard from Jay Caputo about different leadership styles. Here’s what our students had to say about the session.

Selfies from Free Time at Rockefeller Center

To see more selfies from #NSLCTHTR’s free time at the Rockafeller Center, check out our Flickr page.

Theater Pays a “Visit” to The Band’s Visit

This morning, #NSLCTHTR students heard from Broadway Stage Manager Mr. James FitzSimmons, who facilitated a discussion about the different types and facets of […]

Theater Hears From Dr. Paul Lisnek

#NSLCTHTR heard from Dr. Paul Lisnek earlier today to talk about his experience with television and theatre. Dr. Lisnek hosts “Police Tonight,” a […]

Business and Entrepreneurship Students are Introduced to Product Pitches

As part of their program, #NSLCBUSI students are given the opportunity to come up with a product and pitch it to their peers. […]

“Goose Chase” Brings Teams Together

Students in all programs were challenged to a scavenger hunt to help them get to know the campus, and each other, better. Check […]

Teaming Building at the Challenge Course

All of the teams within each of the programs had the opportunity to learn about true leadership and teamwork by completing several challenges […]