Category: Acting Intensive

One-Act Plays

A standing ovation is most certainly in order for our Acting Intensive students who officially completed their program! Their 18-day training in voice, […]

Clowns & Scripts

Actors delved deeper into their clowning and script analysis today with further classes led by Christopher Tramantana and Andrew Dolan, respectively. Afterwards, they […]

Voice and Speech

Our actors started out their day rotating between a Voice & Speech class with Baize Buzan and an Ensemble class led by their […]

Script Analysis and Clown Workshop

Yesterday Acting students broke up into groups to alternate between a script analysis class with Andrew Dolan and a clown workshop with Christopher […]

Ensemble Building & Improv

Yesterday Acting Intensive students attended workshops on Ensemble Building & Improv, designed to get them to trust their fellow actors, feel comfortable with […]

Shakespeare Class

This morning our Actors prepped for their auditions, and absolutely crushed it! The cast list for their final performance won’t be revealed until […]

Actor Panel

It was a busy day for our Acting Intensive students! They started off with a Voice and Speech class taught by Baize Buzan […]

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Yesterday morning our Actors participated in community building activities before putting those skills to the test at an Escape Room experience! After they […]