Category: Forensic Science

Testimony Presentations

Forensic Science students presented their testimonies yesterday after spending the week gathering and analyzing evidence for their cases. They presented the facts of […]

Guest Speaker: Matt Cannistraci

Yesterday morning, Forensic Science students heard from guest speaker Matt Cannistraci, a forensic biologist working at the New York Office of the Chief […]

Active Investigations

Today, students continued their active investigations to solve the murders from the crime scene activity earlier this week. They worked in groups to […]

Field Trip: Top of the Rock

Today, Forensic Science students started their morning with a field trip to the observation decks at Top of the Rock! Students took an […]

Pig Autopsy

Students gathered in small groups today to perform autopsies on fetal pigs, guided by the TAs. After looking at a diagram of the […]

Crime Scene Investigation

Today, the students put on their detective badges and got to work on crime scenes staged in their dorm. Each crime scene contained […]

Forensic Skills Workshops

Throughout the session, Forensic Science students have attended several workshop rotations led by the TAs. They learned about ballistics, forensic chemistry/biology, crime scene […]

Blood Spatter Lab

As part of their lecture series at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, students participated in an activity on reading blood spatter. […]

Guest Speaker: Jeff Facinelli

Jeff Facinelli is a Battalion Chief for the New York City Fire Department, and today he gave a fantastic lecture that on the […]

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Students set off on a field trip to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. There they attended lectures about how to interpret […]