Year: 2022

Fordham Recap: 2022 Theater S1

Fordham Recap: 2022 Sports Management s1

Last Goodbyes

The new leaders of NSLC Theater and Sports Management program send their farewells as they hug and say goodbye to their new friends. […]

The “Tonie” Awards

The students of the theater program celebrated the accomplishments at red carpet event, where the students were awarded for their hard work over […]

Shark Tank Presentation

The Students in the Sports Management program broke up into TA groups to present their new creative ideas to their peers. Each group […]

Final Rehearsal!

The theater program broke up into TA groups to continue working on their production. The student have been preparing their group presentations for […]

Lecture Series 4

The students of the Sports Management continued their lecture series with Professor Andy Clark. Click Here to Download Images

Workshop Rotations 4

The theater students of NSLC had another breakout session with their TA’s. The students continued to work on the different aspects of expression […]

Business of the Business

The students in the theater program had a chance to¬† discuss the business within the business of theater with Professional performer Oliver Lodge. […]

Guest Speaker: Aaron Cohen

Today the student’s of the NSLC Sports management program was able to speak with sports documentary writer Aaron Cohen. Aaron Cohen has a […]