Year: 2022

Lecture Series: Session 1

The students had their first lecture with Professor Hal Biagas in the Keating Hall. The students answered question such as, “What is considered […]

Photoshop, Stage Management, and Directing Workshop

The THTR students had a lesson in photoshop, stage management, and directing taught by the Theater TA’s Alex Tan, Abby Kelley, and Jayce […]

Music Theatre Workshop

The NSLC Theater students spent their lesson with Mr. David Strickland, singing and taking notes on their first on stage performance. More images […]

Personality Matrix

The Theater students had a chance to learn about their personality traits and other. They discussed how to work with other personalities, as […]

Registration Day!!!

Welcome NSLC Sports Management and Theater Program Students! Today is “REGS DAY” at Fordham University. Students arrived andĀ  received their keys and met […]

Opening Ceremony at Fordham University

The NSLC Staff welcomes the Theater and Sports Management students today with an opening ceremony. The students are able to get to know […]

Staff Photos

Greetings fromĀ  SUMMER SESSION 1 NSLC’s Fordham University Staff!!! The NSLC Staff took photos today to show off their great smile and personality. […]