Students Go to the “Tonie Awards”

#NSLCTHTR students had an awards show last night with the intention of honoring outstanding performance and production. Check out more photos from last […]

Theater Students’ Final Presentations and Performances

What led up to these spectacular performances? Watch and learn from our students at #NSLCTHTR. To see more photos from today’s performances, click […]

Sports Management Creates Promo Videos for their Athletes

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Business & Entrepreneurship Presents Product Pitches

To see more photos of #NSLCBUSI’s presentations, check out our Flickr page.

Students Go Mad for Social Media Madness

#NSLCBUSI students had fun as they thought of theoretical tweets and blog posts for made-up companies in last night’s activity. For more pictures […]

Students Participate in Mock Press Conference

Students Complete Entrepreneurship Case Study

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Students Visit Wall Street and the 9/11 Museum and Memorial

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Students Hear From Current and Former Business Majors About College

Students Visit Booth Theatre

Today, #NSLCTHTR students saw an understudy rehearsal of Boys in the Band. For more pictures of #NSLCTHTR’s adventures, check out our Flickr page.