Ropes Course with the Theater and Culinary Arts Program

Ropes Course with Culinary and Theater Programs!

Today, the Culinary and Theater programs participated in a ropes course, where they accomplished various tasks and learned how to work together as […]

Daily Program Update – Day 2

Theater – Ropes Course, Play Selection, “Birthday Cake” Social Culinary Arts -Ropes Course, Restaurant Concept, “Birthday Cake” Social You can also follow our Facebook, […]

Daily Program Update – Day 1

Welcome, NSLC students! Today is the very first day of the program for Theater and Culinary students; they will be registering and we have a […]

Look Up, Lean Into it, and Keep the Form

The Summer I turned 22, I interned for the North Dakota Extension Service working mainly with ND 4-H Camps in Washburn, ND. My […]

Meet the 2015 Theater Advisors!

Meet the 2015 Culinary Team Advisors!

Meet the 2015 Lincoln Center Head Team Advisors!

Meet the 2015 Lincoln Center Office Staff!

Meet the 2015 Lincoln Center Administration Staff!