Category: Picture of the Day

Times Square Trivia!

To end a day full of workshops and production planning, the Theater students found themselves at a trivia event where they teamed up […]

Stage Models

The theater students have begun working on their models for the stages they will create. Additionally, there are actors rehearsing their performances, designers sketching […]

Commitment to Action

Today, the theater students learned about making models for the productions they will perform at the end of their session. Then, after attending the […]

ICE – Roasting, Grilling, and Sautéing

Today, NSLC culinary students learned the art of roasting, grilling, and sautéing various foods at the Institute of Culinary Education. After a short […]

The Queens County Farm Museum

Today, students in the culinary program visited the Queens County Farm Museum where they were able to see the first stages of the […]

Culinary Lecture by Stephen Zagor

Students got the opportunity to meet Steve Zagor, who has over 25 years of experience in the planning, development and management of a […]

Acting Seminar at the Manhattan Theatre Club

Today, the students got the chance to meet the playwright, director, lighting designer, fight director, and stage manager of the five time Tony […]

Cake and Games Social!

The perfect way to end a day full of teamwork development is with a little healthy competition in the form of board games!

Ropes Course with Culinary and Theater Programs!

Today, the Culinary and Theater programs participated in a ropes course, where they accomplished various tasks and learned how to work together as […]