Year: 2019

Video | Acting Master Class

Our #NSLCTHTR students had the opportunity to participate in an acting master class with Mr. Greg Ganakas! Check out a video on the […]

Photos | Commitment in Action

Our #NSLCBUSI students supported each other and cheered each other on as they all did their intention walks during Commitment in Action! Click […]

Photos | Mets Game

Tonight our #NSLCSPRT students watched the Mets take on the Padres at Citi Field! Check out the excitement below!

Photos | Top of the Rock

Check out these photos of #NSLCBUSI at Top of the Rock!

Video | Madison Square Garden

Today our #NSLCSPRT students were able to take an all-access tour of Madison Square Garden and hear from their Director of Tourism, Mr. […]

Photos | The Art of Communication

Today our #NSLCTHTR students learned how to be better communicators and listeners in today’s Art of Communication exercise with our leadership facilitator Mr. […]

Video | Guest Speaker: Gaelen McCartney

Tonight our #NSLCBUSI students had the opportunity to hear from their guest speaker, Mr. Gaelen McCartney from the Children’s Miracle Network! Check out […]

Photos | Leadership in Sports

This evening our #NSLCSPRT students had a great lecture series learning about the Pyramid of Success from Professor Andy Clark! Click here to […]

Photos | Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Lisnek

This morning, our #NSLCTHTR students heard from Dr. Paul Lisnek during a very insightful Q&A session! Dr. Lisnek is a founder of NSLC […]

Challenge Course

Today our students from all three programs completed the challenge course at The Fresh Air Fund and learned some mega team bonding skills! […]