Year: 2015

Ropes Course

Today, the Theater, Business, and Sports Management students underwent the ropes course challenge, a series of outdoor activities that NSLC practices in every […]

Daily Program Update – Day 2

Business & Entrepreneurship – Ropes Course, Personality Matrix, Catapult Assembly Sports Management – Ropes Course, Personality Matrix, Trivia Night Theater – Ropes Course, […]

Opening Ceremony

Students had their first formal scheduled event today, during which they had a chance to meet the staff, they learned about what they […]

Registration Day!

The students for out third session here at Fordham have been arriving all morning and we could not be more excited to meet […]

A New Beginning

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”― Heraclitus I […]

Daily Program Update – Day 1

It’s registration day! The NSLC Fordham staff is eager to welcome new students to Fordham University and the NSLC family! Business & Entrepreneurship […]


Both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center Fordham campuses bade their students farewell at the closing ceremony this morning. The majority of the […]

Daily Program Update – Day 10 – Goodbye!

As session 2 draws to a close, all of the TAs and NSLC Fordham staff would like to sincerely thank all of the […]

Step Into It.

Once you wake up to your actions, then you have no more excuses. Whether you are a person who criticizes, struggles with contempt, […]

Light Up The City!

The very last social that the students attend is called “Light Up the City” and it involves glow-sticks, pizza, dancing, and a lot […]